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Your Online Digital Currency



What is BitCoin?

BitCoin or BTC is an online digital currency that can be used as any other currencies with added ease, protection, and flexibility for being digital. It is an independent currency that is not regulated by any bank, institution, or country thereby making it one of the most reliable currencies that never inflates or deflates. There are exactly 21 million BTC in existence and this number is not changeable.


Why use BTC?

There are several reasons why BTC is an ideal currency for you: 

Peer to Peer Transaction: BTC can be used to transfer money from person to person without a meddling bank or credit card processing company. It is as good as taking cash out of your wallet and giving it to another person who then puts it in his wallet. There is no limitation on how much you can send or receive.

Borderless Currency: Since the BTC is digital, there is also no border or country limitations. You can send money to your friend across the street or pay your client in another country. It is all the same. Also, you can carry your BTC to any country and since BTC does not inflate or deflate, no matter where you are, you get the same value.

Minimal or No Transfer Fees: When you purchase BTC from a vendor, the vendor might take a very minimal charge for converting your money into BTC as any normal money changer would do. Once you have BTC on your digital wallet, there is almost no charge at all. There are however several BTC wallet companies that provide extra security for your wallet that may charge very little per transaction, but it is almost nothing and the same charge applies whether you transfer 1 BTC or 100,000 BTC.

Flexibility: With BTC, you are your own boss. You can choose to pay across the street, across the country, or across the world using the same method. Additionally, you can choose to protect your privacy and keep your identity a secret or you can reveal it to the world. It is as easy as ABC. No one tells you what to do or how much you can send or receive on BTC. This way BTC exceeds payment methods such and PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Credit Card or Bank Wire.

You can have an online account, or you can save your BTC on your computer hard drive and go online only when you need to pay or receive BTC. You can also choose to save your BTC on your phone, and transfer money from your phone to your friend’s phone by scanning the QR code or by using Bluetooth.



You can also buy a BTC real wallet. You can send, receive, and check your balance using this device.

[Go to more info]


You can link your wallet to BTC approved VISA debit card to do all your regular and online shopping. Buy your groceries, pay your phone and electric bills and buy your plane tickets to your vacation destinations.(This physical plastic card is not currently available in the USA, but the virtual card is.)

 [Go for more info]



Can I Convert BTC into real currency?

Absolutely !!! The BTC vendors who sell BTC also buy BTC and can convert into real currency no matter where you are in the world.It is as simple as going to a money changer. There are also several BTC exchanges that accept transfering local currency to your local designated bank account or credit card. Find what is sutable for you. Flexibility is what BTC is all about.

How do I get started?

Depending on how you would like to use BTC, there are lots of options. Since BTC is an independent open source system and has no affiliation with a bank, there are literally thousands of BTC vendors, wallet systems, Smart phone applications, and softwares. It is a good idea to locate a local vendor near your area who can guide you through the processes and also can convert your cash, bank transfer or credit card pay into BTC and vice versa.  Do a little Google Search for the nearest vendor.

There are 2 things that you actually need to start using BTC.

1. A Wallet:This is where you store your BTC. Whenever you need to pay or receive BTC, you will need this wallet to transfer from or receive to. The wallet comes with a Digital Address that looks like this:


And a QR Code that looks like this:

2. BitCoin: Once you have got your wallet, all you need now is the currency (BTC). You can get your BTC from a BTC vendor (Just like a Money Changer) who can convert your currency into BTC. Give them your BTC wallet address, and they will forward it to you, and in a few minutes, you can see your balance.

Depending on the vendor, you can pay the vendor in cash or by credit card, bank transfer, Western Union, or Monegram to purchase BTC. As mentioned before, there is an exact number of BTC in circulation and so 1 BTC can cost up to $ 640 (USD), but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy 1 whole BTC. Since it is digital, you can buy a fraction (i.e. 00.037 BTC) or any other amount equivalent to your currency- no restrictions and no limitations since flexibility is what BTC is for.

Or if your friend uses BTC, why not ask him for a few dollar worth of BTC just to test it? You can give it back to him instantly.

How Do I Receive BTC?

Whether you are buying BTC from a vendor or receiving payments from a client, all you have to do is give them your wallet address or the QR code, and you can receive BTC in a few minutes after processing, and it will reflect in your balance.

How Do I Send BTC?

You can also send BTC to anyone in the world in the same way. All you need is the Wallet Address or the QR Code from the other party, and you can send BTC in an instant and the other wallet will receive it in a few minutes.

How Do I Convert My BTC into Cash?

It is also the same procedure. Go to your nearest BTC vendor. He will provide you with his BTC wallet address, and once you have forwarded your BTC to his address, he will give you equivalent amount of cash.

Some vendors also offer transferring cash to your bank account or to your Credit Card for a minimal charge.

Can I Use BTC for My Own Business?

Absolutely!!! There are no restrictions or additional charges to pay. Have a BTC wallet, and post a Sign at your store “BTC Payments Accepted Here”. A new payment option always brings more customers and those who like using BTC will surely come to your store to buy. It can grow your business in a worldwide scale. Whether online or offline, BTC payment option can work for you without any bank verification, authentication,or tiresome paperwork.


Currently in the USA and UK, a lot of utility providers (Phone, water, electricity) accept BTC payments, so go on and pay your bills with BTC.


Where Do I start from?

Due to BTC’s flexibility, there are literally thousands of vendors, developers, hosts, and wallets, but to save time, we will go through a few popular ones: Most popular in the USA. Circle provides a complete BTC service. They are a BCT wallet host, currency converter and Wallet App provider. You can sign in,download their Android and iOS wallet apps on your phones for free.  You can buy BTC from them and sell to them. They accept credit card, bank transfer, and BTC pay. [Go to for more info.]


CryptoPay: Most popular in the UK and Europe. They provide a complete BTC service.  They are a BTC wallet host, currency converter, and Wallet App provider. In addition to wallet apps, CryptoPay also has virtual and physical VISA debit card for you to do online and offline shopping. You may also withdraw cash in Euro or GBP from ATMs. They accept Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and BTC pay. [Go to for more info]


Bit Coin Wallet: Independent Wallet App on Google Play. This goes well with any Android device. This is an independent App, which means you still need to purchase BTC from another vendor.




BitWallet: Independent Wallet App on iTumes. This goes well with any iOS and Mac devices. This is an independent App, which means you still need to purchase BTC from another vendor.


You can also visit for many more BTC wallet options. Each is different with their security features, interface and protocols.

Is My Privacy and Security Protected?

You are in charge. All BitCoin Wallets and transfers are secure and transparent at the same time. BTC transfers are done via BlockChain networks. They are also a BTC wallet provider. Once a transfer is made, it registers in Block Chain Servers. You will receive a confirmation on your wallet that the transfer has been successful, and so will the other party.

If you are worried about your security and identity, it is a good idea to change your Wallet Address and QR code after each transaction. You do not have to do it by yourself. Most BTC wallets come with a default setting where the address and the QR code renew after every transaction.

On the other hand, many charity and public welfare organizations decide not the change their Wallet Address, so that all their transactions are visible to public.

So, it is really up to you to secure or unsecure your transactions.  Again, the idea here is flexibility. There is really no SHOULD or SHOULDN’T with BTC. You can set it up as you like.


What Is the Future of BTC?

BTC developers are constantly trying to bring in new features and functions on their wallets and trying to make things more user friendly. With the vast use of SmartPhones and gadgets, soon there will be no need to carry real wallets, cash or credit cards. BTC will begin a new era for money transfers and payments where people can send and receive digital money by simply touching the screen of a watch or by using voice commands. And a currency independent of banks means no inflation, no depression, and more freedom.